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CAD & GIS Services in Dubai

Alwarqa Survey has got a proven track record of undertaking and executing several large projects through its committed and experienced team. Motivated/Driven with a robust persuasion to succeed and accomplish better.

CAD Services in Dubai

Computer Aided Drawings are the most effective way to document technical drawings and related information in an organized manner. CAD combined with GIS enables data to be analysed geographically. Our CAD outsourcing services are based in INDIA and UAE. We provide complete CAD Conversion services from GIS to CAD format conversion, CAD to GIS format conversion, CAD Drafting, paper to CAD conversions etc. with precision and quality Assurance standards. We assist you, with our leading CAD conversion techniques, to handle, store and maintain information from paper drawings to electronic media and protect these from possible damages or loss of data. Moreover computer aided drawings can also be mapped with geographical co-ordinates through our CAD to GIS conversion techniques. We also offer parcel/cadastral mapping services

CAD DRAFTING AutoCAD drafting CAD Parcel mapping CAD cadastral mapping Documents scanning Contour mapping CAD CONVERSION Paper to Cad Conversion CAD to DGN conversion Multilayer Cad conversion AutoCAD digitization CAD to GIS and GIS to CAD

GIS Services in Dubai

With many years of research and real life experience in all territories of the Geographical Information System (GIS) domain, we provide successful and accurate execution of your GIS related projects. For any research project, the essential and important point with GIS mapping data is registering a map with the correct real world coordinates. If the maps are not georeferenced, no other information can be displayed over or positioned under the map coverage. With our GIS services, we offer accurate georeferencing / geocoding of your projects at affordable prices. We are capable of various geospatial analytical procedures for users in agriculture, transport, electrical network, water supplies, sewage, etc.

GIS services:

  • Utility Mapping
  • Route Network Analysis
  • Digitization/Vectorization
  • Water Resources Planning
  • GCP Data Capture and analysis
  • Topographical and Cadastral mapping
  • Image GeoRectification / Georeferencing
  • Rural/Urban:Planning,Development&Management

S.No Client Name Scope Of Work
1 Hilal Bil Badi & Partners Contracting Co(WLL) Drawing Preparation – Arc GIS FOR Storm Water & Street Lighting Poles drawings [Reinstatement of Roads around Glenelg Schools at Sas Al Nakhl,Project No. 7003 – Agreement No. 147003C1
2 Hilal Bil Badi & Partners Contracting Co(WLL) Drawing Preparation – ARCGIS drawing as per DOT requirement for Abu Dhabi, Breakwater Developmement.
3 BIN HAFEEZ GENERAL CONTRACTING EST Preparation of As Built Data for Road Network and Storm Water at Internal Roads and Infrastructure in Rahba City in accordance with the Standard Requirements of Abu Dhabi Municipality for GIS Data