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Introducing 3D Laser Scanner P40, First Time in Dubai(UAE).

Aeronautical Survey in Dubai

AERONAUTICAL SURVEY is a highly specialized type of surveying. It requires an extensive knowledge of the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circulars in order to successfully complete the work to the accuracies required for acceptance by National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and the FAA. This survey work forms the basis for the FAA Airports GIS initiative and is critical for the development of safe and accurate approach procedures.

These surveys provide critical information about airport features and about obstructions and aids to navigation.Operational considerations including air traffic management, present and projected air traffic flow.Whether a structure constitutes a hazard to airplanes, Site survey to aeronautical data quality standards.This program provides highly accurate position, height, and orientation information needed for safe air navigation.

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